Friday, January 13, 2017


We held the third annual SUMO Robot challenge Thursday night, with 18 teams competing.  You can read a nice write up about it in this Times Record Article . For the first time this year, the event took place in the BMS cafeteria which turned out to be an excellent venue. Spectator's seats were arranged in a circle around the Sumo ring, and a pit area was set up off to the side. 

After receiving feedback from spectators last year that they had difficulty seeing the action, we devised a way to project the bouts onto a big screen at the front of the room. I put my iPhone on a tripod and sent the signal to a projector. It was a big improvement that we'll continue to use.

A former 5th grade student of mine, Joshua Doughty, volunteers to help with our robotics students. He is now a junior at Morse High School, and did a fantastic job refereeing the matches.
We used a web application called "challonge" to build our single elimination bracket. Mr. Seymour took the computer data and transferred it to a big white board for everyone to see.

The competitive spirit was pretty intense, but we tried to make sure that everyone shook hands before and after the match. Regardless of what place a robot took, each team worked tirelessly to build and program it.

The winners, Robbie Fitzmaurice and Soren Langord pose in front of the bracket.
The complete results are listed below. Look for more robotics challenges coming up this spring!

Supreme Champion:

ATLAS (BMS, Robbie Fitzmaurice, Soren Langord)
Worthy Adversary:

BOB (BMS, Saydee McCall, Dyllan Arsenault)

3rd place tie:

Amazed D (WCS Jackson Fuller, Gavin Baillargeon)
Dr. Debra (BMS, Riley Dunn, Dalton Johnstone, Eli Torrey)
5th place tie:

Turtle 2 (BMS, Eleanor Carrolton, Nick Gaynor, Matt Doughty)

Fluffy Kitten Destroyer of Worlds (BMS, Cody Stewart, Bjorn Langord)

KadenMarc (WCS Marc Bradford, Kaden Lopez)

Ram (Patten Free Library)
9th place tie:

Bricky (BMS, Aidan Shields, Jonah Smith, Dylan Philbrick)

Failbot (BMS, Coco Cashman, Sophie Booth, Marissa Miles)

RoboSumo (WCS Natalie Emmerson, Jean Paul)

Gremlin (Patten Free Library)

Star Killer (Patten Free Library)

Honeybadger (WCS Oscar Hennin, Alex Maccio, Jacob Behnke)

Meh (BMS, Emily Tetzlaff, Hadley Wong, Miranda Burpee)

Destroyer (Lucas Martin, Alex, O'Camb)

17th place tie:

The Niffler (WCS, Iris Hennin)

Pencou (WCS Riley Gale, Micah Longbottom)

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