Monday, January 4, 2016

All in the Family

An important aspect of any Expeditionary Learning School (like Bath Middle School) is using students' knowledge and understanding to make presentations to authentic audiences.  On Thursday, January 14th, the entire second grade from Dike Newell School (63 kids!) will be coming to BMS for a one hour exposition on simple machines.

Six tables will be set up for the second graders to cycle through.  At each table will be a team of three middle school students presenting examples of the uses of simple machines in LEGO creations.  We will have gears, levers, pulleys, screws and wedges.  The benefits of this expo go both ways -- for the second graders this will make their learning more exciting and contextual;  for the middle school students this exploration of design engineering will dovetail perfectly with preparations for the Robot Track Meet this spring.   

Check back here for photos of our workshop as we get ready for this exciting event.

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